Monday, September 5, 2016


Here we are only a day or two from the last ride of the trip and a trip and fall happens! Me this time! We went to the grocery store last night for a few things and one of the workers was pushing in a line of carts. We followed behind and the lady at the cafe said, "We're closed." So we turned around and went through the inner door into the foyer. What I didn't see was the rug that got rolled up on one end from the guy with the carts. I tripped over that, felt like I was sailing through the air and landed on my shoulder, elbow, and hip. Owee! I looked up to see shocked faces and an "Oh my Gawd!" and I just stayed put to assess the damage. One of the managers came over and asked if I wanted an ambulance and I said no, who wants to stay in a hospital waiting room until midnight?! Bill helped me back to the truck and we came back to the camper. This morning, my shoulder and elbow were hurting pretty bad so I was considering the hospital thing. We had made friends with the people next to us in the campground and as they were getting ready to go, we went over to say good-bye. They told us that Health Express in Plymouth might be a better place to go to avoid a long wait. We took their advice and went there after breakfast. I was beginning to wonder if I had knocked my shoulder out or cracked something. The doc looked me over and had some x-rays taken. This was the glamorous outfit that I got to model...
The x-rays came back and.......I hadn't broken anything! Yay! Just a little battered and bruised. So I limped back to the grocery store with Bill to pick up the few things we were after last night and came home. Oh, and it was mentioned in Health Express that there probably would have been a 6 to 8 hour wait had I gone to the hospital. So if you are in the Plymouth area and manage to injure yourself, get on over to the Health Express! Very nice caring people and a lot more reasonable than a hospital visit. Thank-you everyone! You made these injuries a little easier to handle! Please continue to pray for us so that things go smoothly for the last ride...and that hurricane needs to get out of here! LOL! Thanks for reading.


  1. Whew!! What excitement!! So glad you are okay and all is back on track. Hope your aches and pains have gone away and your ride into Boston was/is fabulous. Hard to imagine that just a few short months ago this was all still a dream and now it's almost over. - S

  2. Glad to hear that you are okay! Hope you feel better soon, thanks for the share!