Thursday, September 1, 2016

Killens Pond State Park to Pilesgrove, NJ

Bill left this morning at 8 am in a morning fog.
He had an appointment for an interview at the Dover Police Station at 9 with WBOC-TV. I left an hour later to catch up to him. What I thought would be a 10 minute trip turned into a half hour. I arrived just as the TV crew pulled away. When I get a link to the interview, I'll post a link on our Facebook page. I did get to say Thank-You to this officer in his vehicle
and was able to give him a New Testament too. Thank-You sir for the job you do! Bill was in the police station talking with Sgt. Scott Sealund and Officer Jeff Davis. The latter also appeared on a great video which I have posted on our Twice Across America Facebook page! LOL! They took a nice picture
which includes, Officer Jeff Davis, Officer Derek Lawson, Bill, and Sgt. Scott Sealund. Sgt. Sealund has an uncle in law enforcement up in Weymouth, MA so we are going to see if we can look him up when we are up that way. Bill gave him a stack of the New Testaments to give to his men and he even managed to walk into the shot like it was planned during the interview! It was great! Sgt. Sealund and Bill traded patches in the interview too.
Thank-You all so much for the jobs you do! We both set our navigation for St. Georges, Delaware and started on our way. It took me quite a while to catch up and pass him as there were quite a few traffic lights along the way. I stopped at a small pull off to wait for him about a mile from the large bridge over the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.
When Bill pulled up, he had 45 miles in and since crossing bridges can be a little dicey at times, we packed up and drove to Four Seasons Family Campground where we were greeted by very friendly folks who sell big ice cream cones in the office! Yum! Our little hotspot came to our rescue so we could download rides from the Garmin and posts for the blog. Now that we are mostly done all that, I think I need one of those ice cream cones!
And check out the sign at the swimming pond! LOL!
Thanks for reading.

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