Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Plymouth, MA to Weymouth, MA

The last ride of this long journey. It seemed to take so long to get to this point and now at last it’s here. When we started back in June, we thought it would be just Bill and I on this last leg as it has been for most of the country. I tried not to worry about how I was going to find my way through Boston to the Old North Church. When we arrived in Plymouth, we found out that someone had volunteered to drive my truck and I into Boston. What a relief that was! But even more would unfold. Bill had his heart set on Tuesday, September 6th to make the ride, but the weatherman predicted driving rain, wind, and flooding so we stayed put in the Pinewood Lodge Campground in Plymouth. As the morning wore on and the sun started to come out, the weatherman was not a very popular guy around here! LOL! We decided it would be Wednesday the 7th no matter what! Bill and I woke up in the morning to overcast skies and by breakfast time, it was pouring rain. We were undaunted. The rain stopped shortly thereafter and we headed into Plymouth to meet the Chief there. When we arrived, we found out that 2 of the Plymouth Bicycle Patrol would be accompanying Bill as well as a cruiser out in front.
Chief Michael Botieri brought us into the conference room and wanted to know all about our trip.
We gave him the patches from Plymouth, North Carolina which he was really happy with. He in turn gave us patches and coins. When we went outside, we met their K-9 officer.
American Aluminum had given us quite a few goodies to give to a K-9 officer along the way, so we passed them along to him.
He showed us the k-9 unit in his cruiser made by American Aluminum
and gave us 2 K-9 coins.
Bill then locked his riding shoes into the pedals of his bike and joined the 2 Plymouth Bicycle Patrol, Officer David Lis and Officer Stephen Harrington.
They followed the officer in the cruiser and I followed behind them in the truck with the flashers on. We made our way to Plymouth Rock and I took a few nice shots to post here.

When we arrived at the
Plymouth town line, the Bicycle Patrol turned back and Bill and I continued to follow the cruiser, Bill pedaling and me driving our truck. When we came to the Norwell Police and Fire building, we pulled in to say Thank-You

and also for a much needed bathroom break. We met with the Chief of Police and exchanged patches.
He was very excited that we had stopped by and was very generous to us. 
From there we headed to Weymouth, still being led by the officer from Plymouth. As we were driving up to the Police Station in Weymouth, I saw at least 25 Bicycle Patrolmen and wondered if there was a meeting or something. As Bill cycled past, they all applauded. When I parked the truck and got out, to my surprise I learned that the 28 Bicycle Patrol Officers would be riding with Bill all the way to Boston!
I couldn’t help it, I got all misty. After discussing details, it was decided that our truck would be left in
Weymouth and I would ride in a cruiser! They had made arrangements for us to spend the night in Boston and the Bicycle Patrol presented us with a gift card for supper and I was overwhelmed yet again. We met with Chief Richard Grimes and traded patches and coins and he was very generous to us also. 
We met Captain David Phillips who was part of the Field Services Division in
Weymouth with the K-9 Unit. Lt. David Murphy was there, he was the Commander of the Citywide Bicycle Unit in Boston and seemed to be the go-to guy for all of these arrangements. Sergeant James St. Croix and Officer Jen Pompeo from the Weymouth Bicycle Patrol also joined up with the Bicycle Patrols from Quincy and Boston.
There were 4 motorcycle patrolmen from Quincy
and several cruisers. A nice young officer named Isaac drove the cruiser I was in complete with my Cabella’s bag “luggage” LOL! So the whole lot of us started out for
Boston! Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for the rest of the story!

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  1. Hello Debra and Bill! I thought I had commented here last week but maybe I never pressed send :) I am Meghan Block, and I work here at Pinewood Lodge Campground in Plymouth. Thank you so much for joining us while you were on your INCREDIBLE tour! I read many of your blog entries here and I am so impressed.. I wish I could have met you during your stay at Pinewood. I would love to share your story with our other campers. Would you be willing to share your blog with the campers who follow us on Facebook? Please let me know.. I think your story needs to be told! Best, Meghan Block - Pinewood Lodge Campground