Sunday, September 4, 2016

Running from Hermine!

We were in the middle of New Jersey when we saw the reports of Hurricane Hermine predicting devastating rain and wind. The campground spent the night in flooded a bit while we were there and it was time to make a decision. Since we were planning to drive through New York City anyway, we decided to make a run for Plymouth, Massachusetts before the hurricane hit. I was glad we drove through New York City,
we had three very close calls - one of which I was just waiting for the crunch sound. Our angels sure worked hard through that section of road! Then the shocking toll of $50 to cross the George Washington Bridge! Whew! It was good to see the "Welcome to Connecticut" sign!
We worked our way across to the campground in Plymouth being ever mindful of the storm hovering off-shore. When we called the campground to see if they had a spot for us for a few days, they said they had been full, but just received one cancellation. Guess that is where we're supposed to stay! :) After we registered and got settled in, we visited a few people out on Cape Cod
that we knew and they were kind and generous to us. Thank-you all so much! So the next couple of days  will be full of preparation for the final ride from Plymouth Rock here in Plymouth, MA to the Old North Church in Boston. There will be bike washing, cleaning out the truck, patches and the last 120 New Testaments to get ready, laundry, and making a run to the grocery store. Bill has all his miles in and we are looking forward to the last ride. Looks like Bill will have some bicycle police accompanying him for part of the way and I am hoping that someone will volunteer to drive me and the truck into Boston as I am a little chicken about doing that. I know, I know, what about all the bad@ss stuff I talk about...when it comes to driving to Boston, I'll be like "Driving Miss Daisy"! LOL! So I will get lots of pictures to share with you and please continue to pray that the weather holds for the final ride. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Congratulations!! You are almost there! Hope someone has volunteered to be your chauffeur into Boston. Cities are surely crazy places to drive. Will you ride together back to TN in the truck? Continued thoughts and prayers. - S