Friday, September 2, 2016

Pilesgrove, NJ to Jackson, NJ

Bill left at 6:45 this morning cycling between the raindrops.
He's headed East on Route 40 then it will be up the coast on Route 9. Looks like we'll be finishing a little early. We just need to get together with Boston to see if they can make arrangements for some people to join us. Our first meeting place today will be Pleasantville, NJ...yes, it's a real place! LOL! As I got closer, the traffic got heavier, there was more construction, and lots and lots of signs! I made a turn to get on 9 but then there were no more signs and I was back on 40. Next thing I know, I'm in Atlantic City! I called Bill and said, "Should I be seeing the ocean?" Nope! So I was able to turn around and find my way back to Route 9 with Bill's help and our cell phones. I caught up to him at last just as he entered the Garden State Parkway. Since he had over 61 miles in, we loaded up and started for the campground. He had been riding in torrential downpours and even had to stop at a little gas station on Route 9 because the rain was washing the sweat into his eyes and burning them. He told me about officers along the way that he had met. He thanked them and took their pictures and was on his way.

Thank-You gentlemen for the jobs that you do! Then we arrived at the Tip Tam Camping Resort where we hooked up and settled in. We worked on the blog and Facebook page and as we were finishing, it started pouring! I was getting a little concerned when the water started to get a few inches deep outside and was flowing like a river through the campground.
Fortunately, the storm was short-lived and an hour later, all the water was gone. I cooked some chicken and we had a nice supper before turning in for the evening. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Bill, thank you my brother. Got a bike, and am trying. You sir, are an inspiration. Your missus too, will not leave her out. Yours is a good woman, you lucky dog!